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UMRA Wellness Centre

Also known as Lifestyle Medicine, Lifestyle Intervention is the application of environmental, behavioural, medical and motivational principles to the management of lifestyle related health problems in a clinical setting. It is intended to help manage the growing number of cases of lifestyle-based diseases such as Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Interventions include nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep management, smoking cessation and more. Lifestyle Intervention is integral in a comprehensive treatment of chronic diseases; it can be as effective as medication but without the unwanted side-effects.


UMRA Wellness Centre specialises in teaching people how to look after themselves, and picking up small problems before they become major issues. Our objectives are Health Education, Occupational Medicine, Health Check-ups and Screenings which fall under the scope of Lifestyle Intervention.


Comprehensive Wellness Screening

Lifestyle Disease Consultation

Dietary Consultation

Corporate Health Risk Appraisal

Occupational Health Consultation & Management Corporate Wellness Screening