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Meet Our Doctors

Our Medical Consultants

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Rafi bin Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Feizal
M.Med O&G (UM), Dip Aest Med (USA)
MMC Reg : 32493
NSR Reg : 128775

Upon completing his medical degree from Mangalore University in 1992 and subsequently, Masters in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from University Malaya, Dr Rafi further enhanced his aptitudes in the field of Women’s Health respectively in the UK for 2 years before returning to Malaysia to resume his practice as a specialist.

As the Founder of Hospital UMRA, his special interests lies in Fertility, Sexual Health & Aesthetic Medicine. His profound passion and philosophy on enhancing one’s image to be accepted by the Muslim Community has ultimately achieved much recognition from Malaysia Book Of Records &The Selangor Fatwa Council as the first hospital to provide Shariah Compliant Plastic & Reconstructive/ Aesthetic services in Malaysia.

A certified trainer by Fotona Slovenia and a pioneering O&G specialist in Malaysia in the art of laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, Dato’ Dr Rafi actively conducts courses and hands-on workshops for doctors who aspire to become proficient aestheticians in their endeavour to provide holistic Wellness & Beauty to the community.

Datin Dr. Ummul Wahiy binti Abdul Hakim
Dip Aesthetics Medicine (USA)
MMC Reg : 31502
NSR Reg : 128773

Datin Dr Ummul Wahiy completed her Medical Degree in Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1994 and later pursued her practice by serving a number of major government and private care. Consequently, the increasing interest in Obstetrics & Gynaecology propelled her to complete her Masters in 2001 where she later devoted herself to caring and curing the community in her pursuit of enhancing the well-being and productivity of the community particularly women & children with varied needs of all ages.

Dr Ummul Wahiy co-founded Hospital UMRA with her husband, Dr Mohamed Rafi in 2006. As a specialist, she ensures that patient’s satisfaction and safety is never compromised under her care. Her other interest lies in advocating Shariah Compliant Aesthetic treatments.

She is also a favourite guest speaker for Health shows in renowned broadcasting organisations including Astro & Mediaprima. Datin Dr Ummul is currently a permanent columnist for Malaysia’s leading Malay Newspaper -Metro Sihat.

Dr. Mohammed Niraj bin Mohammed Feizal
MBBS(MAHE), MRCOG(Lond), MRCP(Ireland)
MMC Reg : 36606
NSR Reg : 128774

  • Member of OGSM
  • Member of GMC
  • International Representative Committee of RCOG
  • Committee Member of Naveen Yawanarajah Children’s Heart Charity

Dr. Geetha A/P Thambyraja
MMC Reg: 36723

  • President SWP FREHA (2017-2019)
  • Member of OGSM
  • Life Member of Menopause Society of Malaysia

Dr. Wan Elly Rushima binti Wan Abdul Rahim
MD (UKM), M.Med O&G (UKM)
MMC Reg : 41494
NSR Reg : 131390

  • Member of OGSM


Dr Faiz Azraai bin Abdul Aziz
MB BCh (Cairo), M Anaes (Malaya)
MMC Reg : 40257
NSR Reg : 128331

Dr. Wan Mohamad Akbar Bin Wan Moss
M Med (UKM)
MBchB (University of Alexandria)
MMC Reg : 23635
NSR Reg : 123773

General Surgery

Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Feizal Abdullah
MMC Reg : 1191

Dr. Mohd Ismail Bin Abdul Hamid
MMC Reg : 25491

  • Fellow Member of Royal College of Surgeon
  • Member of British Cardiac Society
  • Member of ABHM
  • Member of SMA


Dr. Jessie Shunmugam
MMC Reg: 28450

  • Member of Malaysian Paediatric Association

Medical Officer (ward and outpatient Care)

Dr Afida Sohana Bt Awang Soh
Senior O&G Registrar
MBChB (Otago), PGDipObs (OTAGO)
MMC Reg : 68493

  • Recipient for Award with Distinction for PGDipObs from Univ. of Otago in 2003
  • Secretary of MEDTWEETMY

Dr Sumitra Hiran Kaur Chopra
Senior O&G Registrar
MMC REG : 42698

Dr. Nadiah Bt Abdul Wahab
Senior Medical Registrar
MB BCh BAO (Ireland)
MMC REG : 46418

Dr. Karamjit Kaur A/P Surjit Singh
Senior O&G Registrar
MMC REG : 31692

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Najihah Sharida Bt Dato’ Dr. Zakaria
MMC Reg: 29509


Dr Ramakrishnan Radha
MBBS (INDIA), MS, ORL (Ireland)
MMC Reg: 29863

Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

Dr Mohamed Seenikatty bin Abdul Hakim
MD( USM) M Med (UM)
MMC Reg: 40298