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About Us

To provide medical treatments that are affordable to every member of community. This is the epitome of UMRA in spirit and strength

In 2006, UMRA was born.

What started as a humble 6-bedded Maternity Centre mended by only 2 doctors and 5 staff who worked tirelessly to provide the best quality healthcare is now standing formidably solid and strong as a 24-hour, 27 bedded multi-disciplinary health facility, with a remarkably illustrious record of having improved more than 60,000 lives and 16,000 babies delivered into this world. Our specialties are currently comprised of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Peadiatrics, General Surgery, ENT Surgery, Internal Medicine & Geriatrics, Preventive Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Emergency Care, Diagnostics and Snoring & Sleepwell Clinic.

Because we care is our driving mantra in the provision of uncompromised healthcare to everyone who walk into our welcoming doors. Indeed, our logo symbolically defines “a new beginning” to every parent in welcoming the birth of a baby – embodies the whole purpose of the inception of Hospital UMRA.

Our unique healthcare is reflected in our services as we are the only private hospital in Selangor that opens Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Peadiatrics clinics 7 days a week, 9am – 9pm including weekends and public holidays. Our delivery packages and health screening packages are conscientiously designed with affordability in our minds as the essence of providing quality care to the people, as such to ensure that medical fees should be retained at a fee that neither burden the community nor stopping them to deserve immediate treatments for acute diseases whenever warranted.

Today, UMRA is the brand leader of “affordable” community-friendly hospital in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Providing Plastic & Reconstructive surgery treatment plans
without prejudice, without doubt….

2016 chronicled a momentous milestone for Hospital UMRA when we were officially endorsed by The Malaysia Book Records as the first hospital to provide Shariah Compliant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Services. The art to maintain beauty and defy age in this millennium is so compellingly profound, hence beckoned us to launch a myriad of Shariah compliant treatment services in UMRA to restore youth, confidence and beauty to those who seek halal treatment. This unique approach is inspired by the rising momentum of medical tourists who charted Malaysia as World’s Best Healthcare destination where cosmetic surgery resolutely remains highest in demand year after year.

To continue to care and cure….faithfully and compassionately.

Facilities At Hospital UMRA

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  • 24 Hours Outpatient and Inpatient Clinic
  • Ambulance and Paramedic Services
  • Daycare & Observation Facilities
  • X- Ray Imaging
  • Antenatal Ultrasound (3D & 4D)
  • Cardiac/Heart Assessment Clinic (ECG,Stress Test)
  • Complete Diagnostic Labaratory
  • Nebuliser Therapy
  • 2 Major Operation Theaters (fully functioning 24 hours)
  • Pharmacy
  • High Dependency Ward
  • 2 well-equipped Labour Rooms
  • Specialist Clinics :
    a) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    b) Anaesthesiology & Pain Medicine
    c) Paediatrics
    d) General Surgery
    e) Internal Medicine & Geriatrics
    f) Otorhinolaryngology
    g) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Our Rooms

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Single Room [Standard]
RM 180.00

Double Room [Standard]
RM 150.00

Double Room [Executive]
RM 250.00

VIP Room
RM 450.00

Three Bedded [Standard]
RM 110.00

Three Bedded [Executive]
RM 130.00

Double Room [Standard Non-Sharing]
* 2nd Bed for family member
RM 300.00

Double Room [Executive Non-Sharing]
* 2nd Bed for family member
RM 500.00